Manhunt 1.0

Manhunt is a third-person action game developed by Rockstar Games
3.5  (6 votes)

Manhunt is a third-person action game developed by Rockstar Games. Shortly after being released, it became one of the most controversial video games that have ever existed, mainly because of its extreme violence.
Plot: The protagonist of the game is the murder James Earl Cash, defendant for the murder of fifteen people in Carcer City (fictitious city inspired in Detroit), by which he is sentenced to die by deadly injection.

Shortly after, awaking in a prison, he discovers that in fact he has not been executed. The voice of a character who calls himself "The Director" communicates him that a group of people under his command is seeking him in order to murder him. Cash should free himself of these individuals to survive while he advances through the prison. The gaming system makes it impossible to advance without making use of the stealth if we want to defeat all the enemies that we find along our way.

In conclusion, ManHunt is a good and different option, above all thanks to the incredible atmosphere that the game creates. Just remember that this is not a game for children or for sensitive people, this Rockstar creation is quite strong.

Review summary


  • Adrenaline fully packed game


  • Non suitable for children or sensitive people
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